At a distance of 95km. from Halkida to the north of Evia, and 10km. from Limni, Rovies is built beneath pine hills, in groves, along the coast of northern Euboean Gulf.

 The endless beach characterizes Rovies. The site tells visitors stories of many centuries, from ancient times called «Oroviai» to the Venetian years. The famous Venetian Castle (which was built in 1256) stands imperious in the centre of Rovies

Of particular beauty are the natural sights of waterfalls Drimonas and Petrified Forest in Kerasia (with plant and animal fossils 20 million years old - which are presented to the fossil Museum of Kerasia).

 In the region of Araklis the land enters the sea and forms a cluster along the peninsula and the bay. There you can enjoy a relaxing bath and many sporting activities (surf, sea bicycle, etc). In the olive grove, the beach with silver-grey pebbles attracts lovers of the sea. Also known beaches in the area are: Hercules, Taxiarchis and Ampouria.

 On Rovies each first day of May we celebrate the «Festival of Pepper». A very old custom designed to appeal to the St. Lia to help rain. During the celebration, we dress a child with a uniform made of flowers, fruits and cereals.

The child is wandering in the village singing and residents give him/her money, which is then used for food and wine at the feast that follows.